Partnering in the real estate industry

Updated 28 October 2020

It’s just thinking a little bit outside the square and having the courage to say, ‘yes, I’m going to partner with someone’. It doesn’t need to be the traditional accounting or financial planning firm, it can be pretty much any professional organization you can work with and entrench yourself into as part of their process.

At Rundl we’re focused on the real estate industry, so this article caught our attention. Once professionals find the courage to say yes and partner with someone, the next question should be, how are we going to manage working together?

Rundl is a platform that is designed to helps professionals partner with each other around processes.

And there's a reason this came about. In the past we’d built traditional online customer portals; digital services where professional services organisations could interact on a one-to-one basis with their customers. But we found serious limitations with this approach. A professional needs to leverage not only their knowledge and skill in delivering a service but, increasingly, an industry-wide network of related professionals.

This is evident in the real estate industry, and many others. So if you do look at partnering, ask yourself, how will you interact and track what everyone is doing? You’ll need to manage the confusion and delay typically encountered by professionals when they depend on external partners and suppliers. To succeed you’ll need more than a customer portal.

Rundl is a platform for professionals to manage working with anyone (partners, customers, and suppliers) around business processes. It makes it easy for professionals to manage services involving many stakeholders across different organisations. Rundl can help firms partnering with other professionals in the real estate industry.

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