Rundl is ready to support businesses with digital service delivery while working remotely

Updated 20 March 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic now sharply in focus, how will you adapt to the disruption of regular social behaviours in your business? To keep delivering your service you may need alternatives to:

  • Meeting customers face-to-face
  • Working in an office with colleagues
  • Getting multiple people to sign paper documents

That’s why we wanted to remind anyone who needs to keep delivering a professional service when the people involved are quarantining or isolating themselves that Rundl is a platform designed for getting service delivery done remotely.

A platform designed for remote service delivery

Rundl was born out of our experiences with conveyancing firm lawlab, a business located in rural Australia. With its broad reach, lawlab has grown into Australia’s largest national conveyancing firm.

So enabling remote service delivery means something literal to us. Some of the most important things we learned about delivering services are:

  • Service delivery should be digital
  • It should include all stakeholders
  • Going digital should be quick, with no code required
  • Service providers should work under their own brand and control the customer relationship

If you're looking for new tools to help your business adapt, Rundl can accelerate your shift to digital service delivery. Process change is hard but taking the right steps now can keep your existing customers happy and set you up for future success.

A testament to our model is customer reviews, which you can read here Or check out what people are saying about lawlab here

Unprecedented events

Due to the unprecedented events with the COVID-19 pandemic, Rundl will now offer an extended 3-month free trial period of our standard plan for new accounts. To find out more simply request a demo at

At Rundl we've also shifted to a full work from home policy this week. Rundl is built by a team located in Melbourne Australia and it is business-as-usual if you’d like to get in touch.

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