Features to build, offer and deliver a digital professional service

Move quickly with a platform that allows your business to tap into a new digital strategy


Get your professional services business into the cloud

Backed by features to work under your brand, build custom templates for your services and control access according to your organisational structure.

Business profiles

Add a custom logo and branding on your Rundl group account to promote your business in transactions.


Allow team members with common responsibilities to work together and simplify managing shared work.

Custom processes

Tailor Rundl to your unique business needs. Map out your processes as blueprints for all your transactions.


Offer your digital service for ordering and referrals

Do more than just capturing leads from your landing pages. Immediately onboard visitors, connect in partners, and streamline starting new work.


Publish your service with a branded landing page and get new work requests. Collect contact details, files and notes and get notified.


Implement a approval process for starting new work. Request more details, handle enquiries or invite partners in to solve problems that block getting started.


Give partners unique URLs to market your service in their networks. Automatically capture their referral and keep them in the loop.


Deliver a digital customer journey

You connect and share with friends on social media - now deliver services to customers with the same community experience in a dedicated workspace for each transaction.


Get a unique workspace per transaction with information organised, searchable and shared with your teams, customers and partners.


Use our unique multi-party collaboration method to drive your process flow with communication, status updates and fine-grained visibility controls.


Enable optional add-ons or embed third party apps to power up your process with the additional capabilities you need.


Help, training and advice from the Rundl team.

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Add ons
  • DocuSign Electronic signatures
  • Rundl Property AU

Integrate any Rundl capability into your systems or app.

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